Step1: Receive Watch Information

Your personal information and watch condition are recorded in the repair warranty card, the watch is written with a clear serial code and the condition is photographed and sent back to the customer to keep. This ensures your watch is never misplaced or lost!

tiếp nhận đồng hồ sửa chữa

Step2: Appraisal, Technical Check of Watches

Our technicians will conduct a thorough diagnostic evaluation and cost estimates will be immediately reported to the customer, in case of other arising we send via email, phone. All maintenance work on your watch is done after the customer’s approval.

kiem tra dong ho omega

Step3: Replace Old Broken Components

Genuine factory-standard replacement parts, ordered directly from the manufacturer, so you can trust only genuine parts to be used in your watch repair service.

linh kien dong ho

Step4: Wipe Components Maintenance Oil

Your watch movement is completely disassembled, each component is carefully inspected and oiled in a special ultrasonic solution.

lau dau dong ho

Step5: Polishing Clean the Shell

The case and band are then hand-polished to restore the original shine of the case.

danh bong lam moi vo dong ho

Step6: Quick and Slow Micro Adjustment Test

After assembling the finished piece, we fine-tune the exact speed of the watch, according to the original manufacturer’s standards.

đo nhanh chậm đồng hồ omega

Step7: Assemble the Waterproof Test Case

Your watch will be tested using barometric and water pressure gauges to confirm the watch is stable as standard.

chống nước đồng hồ

Step8: Overall Check of Customer Handover

The watch goes through a rigorous overall analysis and inspection process by an experienced watchmaker, then is handed over to the receiving department, announcing the handover of the watch to the customer.

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Hanoi Prestige Watch Oil Cleaning Maintenance

➣ Warranty period up to 2 years for each item

➣ 8 steps of the process of receiving and maintaining Swiss standard watches

➣ Equipment is imported from Switzerland, Germany, China

➣ Check the water resistance with a specialized machine

➣ Maintenance of Watch Seals with specialized silicone grease

➣ Professionally trained technical team.

Prestigious Watch Oil Cleaning Address Hanoi

Address: No. 43 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi  Hotline: 0986.163416

Maintenance Watch in Hanoi Vietnam